How to use the ChatGPT plugin for Yay! Forms

The ChatGPT plugin allows you to easily create forms, surveys, quizzes, or questionnaires (and their respective questions) using the power of ChatGPT, and then directly import them into your Yay! Forms account.

To create a form using the ChatGPT plugin, follow the steps below:

1) Log in to your ChatGPT account.

2) Access the plugins area.

3) Look for the Yay! Forms plugin.

4) Install the Yay! Forms Plugin.

5) Select the Yay! Forms plugin to use in the chat.

6) Ask ChatGPT to create a form for you. Example: "Create a customer feedback form for me."

7) ChatGPT will generate the form and return an import link to you.

8) Click on the generated link and the form will be automatically imported into your Yay! Forms account.

Note: To use the plugin, you need a Plus account on ChatGPT and an active plan on Yay! Forms.

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