How to integrate Yay! Forms with Zapier.

Follow the steps below to integrate Yay! Forms with Zapier:

Log in to your Zapier account, click on Zaps, and then click " Create," and immediately after, " New Zap."

Please click on the trigger, and immediately after, a new search tab will open, in which you will need to enter "Yay! Forms" in the search field.

Click on "Sign in" to connect to your Yay! Forms account.

Enter your API Token in the designated field below and press "Yes, Continue to Yay! Forms."

You can generate/obtain your API token key at, as indicated in the image below:

You can also retrieve your token key within your form in the Integrations section. You should click on configure in the Zapier field, as shown in the image below:

We hope you enjoy the new integration :)

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email

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