How to integrate Yay! Forms with the Facebook/Meta Pixel

Follow the steps below to integrate Yay! Forms with the Facebook Pixel:

Firstly, access the desired form and select the Integrate tab. At this point, you will find the option related to the Facebook pixel. Click on Configure to proceed with the configuration of your pixel.

Now, you need to obtain the identifier of your pixel and the corresponding access token. To perform this action, please access the Facebook Events Manager. Then, select the desired pixel and acquire the relevant data, as shown in the images below.

After this, you just need to place it in your form like this:

You should verify the subdomain on Facebook. Just follow the detailed procedure on the website and the process will be completed.

Additionally, you can check the option "Advanced Matching," which our AI will grab all compatible data from the response such as name, email, age, gender, location, etc., and send it to Facebook in order to increase the event's score.

Remember that Yay! Forms sends 3 events to Facebook:

YFView - When the user views the form

YFStart - When the user starts the form

YFSubmit - When the user submits the form

You can associate each of these events with a standard event on Facebook, such as LEAD, for example.

You can also create a custom event and create a condition for this event to be sent to Facebook:

Event Name: Enter the name of the custom event in the corresponding box.

Condition to Trigger the Event: Enter the formula or expression for the event to be triggered. In this link you will find all the details on how to create conditional formulas or expressions.

Custom Event without Case Sensitivity: Check this option if you want to make the event execution case insensitive in the previous expression.

We hope you enjoy the new integration :)

If you have any questions or suggestions, please send an email to

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