How to integrate webhooks to your form

To integrate a webhook that sends you data when someone submits a form, click Integrate, then Webhooks.

To integrate the webhook, click Add webhook and insert your link in the input that pops up.

Yay! Forms also offers security features to enhance the integrity and reliability of webhook integrations. They are:

  1. Secret for Payload Signing: You can now specify a "Secret" that will be used to sign the webhook payload with HMAC SHA256. This allows you to verify whether the load indeed came from Yay! Forms, ensuring the authenticity of the data received.
  2. SSL Verification: We've added the option for SSL verification for payload deliveries. By checking the "SSL Verification" option, Yay! Forms will verify SSL certificates when delivering payloads, providing an additional layer of security in communication.
  3. Custom Header: You can now add a "Custom Header" to the webhook payload for greater flexibility. Specify the desired custom header to be added to the payload sent.

These features have enhanced the user experience and ensured the security of Webhooks in Yay! Forms. To utilize these options, access the webhook editing screen:

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