How to import the results from your form into Excel and Google Sheets

To import your form into Excel, click on 'Results' at the top of the screen. Then, click on 'Responses' and select 'Download' to download your responses.

To add it to your Google Sheets, simply go to the desired spreadsheet, click on 'File', and then click on 'Import'.

You must have noticed that a window has opened; in it, click on 'Upload' and upload the file you previously downloaded.

After that, click on 'Import data' and your upload to Google Sheets is complete.

If you want to import your responses into Excel, simply go to the desired spreadsheet, click on 'Open', and choose the file you downloaded earlier.

Shortly after, a window will open asking how you would like to import your data. Our suggestion would be to choose the delimited option and separate them by commas.

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