How to inherit parameters from the URL into your embed form

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to inherit parameters directly from the URL into your form.

Step 1: Add desired parameters to your form

First, you need to add the parameters you want to capture from the URL to your form. For example, we will use as a example this parameters utm_source , utm_medium , utm_campaign , utm_content , utm_term , email.

Step 2: Choose how to embed the form on your site

There are several ways to embed a form on your site, such as direct embedding, pop-up, modal, etc. In this example, we'll use the pop-up option.

Step 3: Copy the provided code

After choosing the embedding option (pop-up), you will receive a code provided by the form service. This code will be responsible for displaying the form on your site.

Step 4: Replace parameters in the code

In the provided code, you will find a section where the parameters are specified. This is usually done using attributes like data-yf-hidden or data-yf-tracking .

Replace these attributes with the following:

data-yf-transitive-search-params="Your parameters".

Make sure to replace the parameters as necessary to reflect the ones you want to capture, and apply it to your website code as shown in the example below using the elementor:

Step 5: Put parameters in your site's URL

Now, when you embed the form on your site and someone accesses it with parameters in the URL, these parameters will be automatically inherited by the form.

For example, if your site's URL is , these parameters will be automatically captured by the form as shown in an example below:

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