How to view your responses in the inbox

First, to access your inbox and check your responses, just take a look at the results page of your form and click on the Inbox section, as illustrated in the image below:

Inside the inbox, on the right, you'll find all the responses provided by the user. On the left, there's a list of responses for you to select the one you want to view. Additionally, on the left side, there's the option to filter by field to make your search easier, as demonstrated in the image below:

You can download your selected response by clicking on the Download button as shown below:

If you want to see only the complete responses, click on Show only complete responses as shown below:

You can also delete a response by clicking on the Delete Response button in the top right corner of the selected response, as demonstrated in the image below:

Note: Please be aware that deleted responses cannot be recovered. Make sure only to delete responses that you no longer need.
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