How to use multiple ending screens on Yay Forms

How to use multiple ending screens on Yay Forms:

1) Log into your Yay Forms account and select the form you want to modify.
2) Go to the "Edit" tab and click on "Add New End Screen."
3) Create a new end screen by defining the conditions under which it will be displayed.
4) Repeat steps 2 and 3 to add additional end screens with different conditions.
5) You can customize each end screen with a message and/or image to be displayed after the form is submitted.
Auto-Redirect Option:
In the End Screen tab, enable the "Auto-redirect" option.
Enter the URL you want to redirect to after the form is submitted.
The form will automatically redirect to the specified URL after being submitted.
Note: The Auto-Redirect option will override any end screens that you have set up and take precedence.
By using multiple ending screens, you can provide a personalized experience for your users based on their form submissions. Start using this feature today to take your forms to the next level with Yay Forms!
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