Inserting Variables into Form Titles and Descriptions

With Yay! Forms users can insert variables into the titles and descriptions of their forms. This feature offers a personalized and dynamic form creation experience, saving users valuable time and effort.

To add a variable, insert the @ symbol followed by the variable's name. For instance, if you have a form where you want to personalize the title with the name of the person filling out the form, you can add the variable @name. The variable value will automatically populate within the form, eliminating the need to input repetitive information manually.

You can customize your forms in endless ways, tailoring them to specific needs and preferences using this feature. You can add variables to reflect dates, times, names, or any other value that needs to be personalized for each form submission.

With Yay! Forms, you have full control over the look and feel of your forms. The new feature is intuitive and easy to use, giving users the flexibility to create functional and personalized forms.

To start with this feature, navigate to the title or description field and insert the variable using the @ symbol followed by the variable name. Save your changes, and your form is ready to go!

We hope this new feature makes your form creation process more efficient and enjoyable.

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