How to customize Number Questions

In this type of question, users are able to select the Number type of question

  1. Login to your Yay! Forms account and navigate to the form you want to customize.
  2. Create a new question. This will open the question editor where you can select "Number".

  3. If editing an existing question, under the "Question" tab, you'll see an option to select "Type." Choose "Number" from the drop-down menu 

  4. To set Min. and Max. values, switch the toggle on the "Min/max" option under settings.  

  • Minimum Value: Set the minimum value that the number can be.

  • Maximum Value: Set the maximum value that the number can be.
  • To turn on decimals, switch the toggle on the "Decimals" option under settings

  • Decimal Places: Set the number of decimal places to display in the dropdown menu.

  • Decimal Separator: Set the decimal separator.

  • Prefix: Type a prefix, if applicable

  • Sufix: Type a sufix, if applicable

Note: Customizing number questions is just one way to tailor your form to your needs. Yay! Forms offers a range of customization options for all types of questions, so feel free to explore the different options and make your form truly unique.

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