How to embed Yay Forms on your page

To embed Yay Forms on your page, follow the steps below:

1) Login or Create an account with Yay Forms and create your form.
2) Go to the "Share" tab, as you can see here:
3) Choose the type of embed you want: STANDARD, FULL-PAGE, POPUP, SLIDER, POPOVER, or SIDE TAB.
4) Copy the provided code and paste it into the HTML of your page.
Embed options:
  • STANDARD: Standard embed, displays the form directly on the page.
  • FULL-PAGE: Displays the form as a full page.
  • POPUP: Opens the form as a popup on the page.
  • SLIDER: Displays the form as a sliding bar on the page.
  • POPOVER: Displays the form as a popover on the page.
  • SIDE TAB: Displays the form as a side tab on the page.
Choose the option that best suits your needs and start collecting user data today with Yay Forms!
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